ajaxluke schreef op 9 March 2010 - 14:45 #2699751
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kan je je naam op battlefield bad company 2 veranderen zonder dat je xp verloren gaat of je xbox acount?
SlideRnl schreef op 9 March 2010 - 15:15 #2699752
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Ja dat kan. Dan moet je je gamertag veranderen. En dat kost 800 MS Points ;)
Change Your Gamertag or Profile Name
Want to change the name you use when you play? You can. Keep in mind that:

If you only play on your console and don't have a membership to Xbox LIVE, you can change the name of your profile as often as you want, and can pick any name you want (as long as no one else that shares your console snagged it first).

If you have a membership to Xbox LIVE, you can change your Gamertag, but you have to pick one that no other Xbox LIVE member has chosen already. Plus, the change costs 800 Microsoft Points, and there are some limits on how often you change your Gamertag.
To change the name of your offline gamer profile:
Go to My Xbox and open your profile.
Select Edit Profile.
Select Profile Name. Then enter a new name and select Done.
To change the name of your Xbox LIVE Gamertag:
Sign in to Xbox LIVE with the profile whose Gamertag you want to change.
Go to My Xbox and open your profile.
Select Edit Profile, Gamertag.
Read the scrolling information about changing your Gamertag. When you're done, select Continue.
Enter a new Gamertag and select Done.

If the Gamertag you want is already in use, you'll be offered several others to choose from. Press Back (B) to try another Gamertag; repeat as needed until your chosen Gamertag clears the availability check.

From the Edit Gamertag screen, review your Microsoft Points balance and choose from these options:
Select Confirm to complete your Gamertag change and deduct 800 Microsoft Points from your balance.
Select Redeem Prepaid Card to add Points to your membership using a prepaid card.
Select Cancel to change the new Gamertag you're requesting or press Back (B) to return to the dashboard.
Bron: http://support.xbox.com/support/en/us/nxe/xboxlive/myaccount/profiles/changeyourprofilename.aspx

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