Cr00ve schreef op 7 November 2013 - 14:08 #3943989
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(Dit is een europese community) Engelstalige Post.

Dear Gamers, we present to you Primus Community,

A brand new european community that is looking for some population, looking for pleasant gamers
to come and .game .chill .chillax, whatever u want...

Focusing on multigaming games such as TF2,KillingFloor, WoW , LoL AND PLENTY MORE !
Join our forum and come join our raidcall server..

We are looking forward to probably get a TF2 Server
and more stuff to enjoy and get our community name known in the world ;)

Check out our forumwebsite:
TOMEKKKKK schreef op 7 November 2013 - 14:15 #3943991
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no ty

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